Bobby Gamage

Bobby Gamage: Frontman, drummer, actor, videographer, special effects novice

Multimedia artist based in the Kansas City area

Bobby Gamage is best known for his sense of humor, incredible vocal talents, solid drumming skills and infectious personality. He has lended his talents to the drama community in Lawrence, KS as both an actor and stage makeup artist and is responsible for the special effects in the B horror movie Redneck Carnage. His musical repertoire includes fronting the bands Ask An Adult (Lawrence, KS) and Evil Kunst (Kansas City, MO), drumming for industrial group Labwrk (Springfield, MO) and has lended his percussion talents to Red Lefty (Lawrence, KS) here and there. He directed the music video "Mountain Candy Rape" for Leeches of Lore (Albequerque, NM).

He is gainfully employed in the wine & spirits industry by day and is still working creatively in his spare time on various projects. His most recent contributions are with Scandinavian Faith No More tribute band Fake No More for their charity collaboration in support of original Faith No More singer Chuck Mosley's family. He is also working with members of the Chuck Mosley Band on a new song as a vocalist. Evil Kust will be releasing their debut album soon with a date yet to be announced.